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FREE BB Talk with guest Laura Khoudari 

Event Description: Movement Educator Erin Godfrey talks with Laura Khoudari author of Lifting Heavy Things—Healing Trauma One Rep at a TIme. Laura is a celebrated trainer that uses strength training as an embodied practice.
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Monday June 21st, 2021
2:00-3:00PM EST
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FREE Webinar—Meditation, Movement & Selfcare. 

Event Description: Movement Educator Erin Godfrey and Life & Clutter Coach/IST Practitioner Cecilia Moorcroft explore how the practices of meditation, movement and self-care can work together. Offering ways to reconnect to ourselves and find support in times of stress and change.
Thursday April 15th, 2021
3:00-4:00PM EST
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Our Next Guest— Spirit Loft Movement Centre

Event Description: Erin Godfrey invites us to explore the nuances within our own individual adaptations in both gentle and vigorous movement. Investigating our personal architecture by experimenting with how a proposed exercise interacts with our unique particularities. Erin's work looks at the Body as a Place, Not a Thing—inclusive of its own history, informing an approach to movement that studies the body as emergent, changing and unique.
Thursday April 8th, 2021
10:00-11:15AM EST
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FREE Webinar—Finding Resilience in your Body: Stress, Movement & Selfcare.

Event Description: Psychotherapist Nancy Christie and Movement Educator Erin Godfrey have been co-teaching workshops together for several years. Each brings a unique skillset and a shared interest in how the body and psyche can work together to create somatic support and psychological wellbeing. You can learn more about Nancy's 35-year career as a psychotherapist HERE
Thursday March 25th, 2021
12pm-1:00PM EST
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Guest Teacher—Toronto Sunday Contact Jam

Event Description: Erin will be leading the warm-up class for the Toronto Sunday Contact Jam.  "Improvisation is an amazing movement study tool. It has been an area of passion and inquiry for me over the last decade. Having come from the linear pedagogy of ballet and Pilates it has transformed both how I move and test movement possibilities. It challenges my assumptions about what is supportive and opens a door to noticing the habitual, automatic and creative." - Erin 
Sunday March 28th, 2021
10:00-11:00AM EST
“I just wanted to say how much your classes have meant to me. Although I have found yoga and pilates helpful, I have not found them to be as helpful as your movement work. I am astonished and so pleased with the online classes and how I feel in my body. ” 
 ~ Online Participant