Healing Takes Time

May 28, 2022

I think we might agree that true healing takes time.

We each have different ways of experiencing the impact of injuries or trauma. 

We also have varying and evolving needs that feed into how we feel well again (physically, emotionally, spiritually). 

Amidst so many variables for each person—the one thing I know for sure is that deep healing or lasting transformation takes space, time and support.

In our modern life, I would offer that our bodies are begging for our time, attention and care.

I don't mean "more exercise" or a" clean diet" but a shift in how we move our bodies through our day and perhaps more importantly the quality of how we take our time.

Bodies thrive best when respecting rhythms and cycles. The quality of energy, pacing, and the balance of rest and effort nourish our foundation for health and for all the things we need and want to do.

We live in a fast information culture where the newest ideas and concepts jockey for our attention perpetually orienting us to follow outward rhythms. What is often missed is the information and rhythmic needs also coming from inside of our own bodies—offering us clues about when we need more of something and when we have had enough.

This body information is layered, nuanced and personal—sometimes loud but often hums quietly below the business of our lives until we realize living in our bodies has not felt great or in sync... maybe even for a long while. 

Podcasts, books, articles abound on most health subjects. However, we often forget that the body needs actual time into the future to change and this cannot be accomplished by assimilating cognitively new information alone. It takes time and often held spaces for us to implement, practice and live into new ways of being and doing our life.

Movement wise we often think of rest or recovery periods as no movement. True, sometimes full on rest is needed but often no movement leaves us feeling stagnant and disconnected from our bodies. It is actually in the greyscale of movement—subtle movements, gentle movements, movement variation, combined with rest and progressive strengthening work that really is the most effective to support recovery. 

A lot can shift as we learn to listen to our bodies and practice a little movement every few days. And then the deeper layers of feelings and tissues can be nourished and moved.

Lately, I have been paying attention to the quality of energy in my body within the varying tasks of my day. 

What does my body know on a deeper level about how I am doing right now?

What does my body need today to feel ok?

What do I need more of?

What do I need less of? 

Our vitality and our healing power lie beneath the more superficial rhythms that are often over adrenalized or collapsed from overdrive—the vitality I am speaking of is not a shot of espresso or a technology dopamine distraction but originates from the deeper layers of our body and our being. These are the places within us that often hold our grief, rage, joy and life force. Our vitality comes from deep within as our body and our being receive care. 

This summer I am taking the time for nourishment—this does not only mean rest (although there will definitely be some napping) but it means listening and choosing a rhythm and movement that is meeting me where I am.

I think we might need more of this these days. If you find yourself on such a journey—of healing and regenerating, give your body time to change. 




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