"Erin brings to her classes an incredible knowledge of the body and how it works. She is not shy about challenging the status quo in various body work teachings. With Erin, I feel confident that I am working with my body. I am healing and strengthening it - not injuring it."                             
 ~ Rob Fairley, Consultant

Hi! I’m Erin


I teach people how to connect to the power and intelligence of their bodies. I want people to have the tools to know themselves and feel at home in their body. I believe it is possible to cultivate vitality and resilience through movement and somatic practice. Every person has their own unique body and it is yours to move, feel and inhabit. I am so glad you are here! 

Erin Godfrey is a somatic educator and founder of BEING IN BODY. She began her career as a ballet dancer, studying with the National Ballet School of Canada, followed by studies in Anatomy and Kinesiology. Additional studies include Meditation, Pilates, Personal Training, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Developmental Movement, Wellness Coaching, Anatomy Trains, Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus and Professional Somatic Experiencing Training (in progress). Erin has owned several studios in Toronto, Canada, and has been teaching movement and healthful living practices for over 20 years. An international teacher, she has been faculty on a number of teacher training programs and teaches workshops throughout Canada and the US. Erin continues her research and investigation as a movement practitioner, educator and new mother.

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