Moving in New Directions

the body what is movement? Dec 23, 2016

Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends, 

I have decided to take a break from my regular teaching this Winter.     

I have been teaching movement for 16 years now, having opened my first studio when I was 19 years old. In 1999, there were very few studios in the West End of Toronto, mostly fitness gyms. At the time, I had a different vision, a studio where people could heal and know themselves on a deeper level. I dreamed of a place for introspection, creativity, moving arts and community. I have been fortunate to open 3 studios since then and a private practice with an emphasis on rehabilitative movement. Teaching has been a true privilege and a place of tremendous learning for me. I am so very grateful to have worked with so many wonderful people. From my heart, I thank you! 

I now feel the need to move in a new direction. I have a sense of my work I cannot fully see yet, but it is once again calling me forward. I have felt over the last few years a need for a change in how movement work is applied, sustained and shared as a profession. I am taking a sabbatical, time for reflection, new research and collaborations. I am interested in how movement work can support and be integrated into other fields, including trauma research, personal and collective restorative practices, creativity, arts and education. I feel strongly that our best place of decision-making is one where we are connected to ourselves, moving well within our own bodies. Too often, the body is relegated to the decorative or mechanical, rather than as our most intimate and ancient resource for healing, expression and connection. 

I will not be teaching group classes from my home studio or offering private lessons in January 2017. I will be teaching workshops and in other collaborative capacities and will communicate my offerings as they unfold. You may sign up to my newsletter if you wish to get updates.  

With love and appreciation,


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