Jan 04, 2021

It started on our plane ride back from visiting family in Florida, as the COVID restrictions came in and we headed home to Toronto. Like so many families our life and work situation changed in a moment. I had come off maternity leave, just getting back to teaching with group classes and a series of workshops planned for the spring and summer, when everything stopped or needed to pivot—I emptied our living room, set up lights and began to record classes, in lockdown with a toddler....

Mostly, I was in survival mode, "I was pivoting" and then somewhere within the chaos, the bigger questions came for me.. at night, in the shower.  Why am I doing this? Is my dream still here? Where do I belong? Who is my circle of responsibility? Where is my joy? What is meaningful to me? What is the thing that I know how to do? How can I share? How can I learn? It was a digging into my center to be true to my purpose and reimagine new ways of being together. The BEING IN BODY Online Studio was born.

What I do know, is that what happens inside our experiences matter. Our bodies are powerful memory keepers, stress transformers and strength builders. So, change—whether personally or collectively—needs to include and integrate our bodies. The question is, how are we working with our bodies that are holding so much these days? Personally, I think that our bodies and our whole beings have been put into much too small a box, where appearance or productivity defines our value. Frankly, I think we have outgrown this narrow approach to working with ourselves. BEING IN BODY is a fulsome name with a purpose—I think we are multidimensional beings and need movement modalities that acknowledge that our bodies hold our lives and each other. Exercise is often the ONLY intentional time people take with their bodies, so how we practice matters far beyond what meets the eye. I believe now is a time we need to continue to gather, to move ourselves in cultivating resilience and vitality for our health and spirits. We can support each other and show up meaningfully in our lives, and maybe even continue to dream of the light in the dark.

I hope you will join us inside our new Online Studio, BEING IN BODY.

With love,


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