Stop reaching for NEW YEAR goals!

Jan 09, 2022

I have been thinking about all the "get a new body" stuff this time of year and what it means especially this year...

Have you ever noticed when people are stressed they are more vulnerable to extremes?

Compelled to start a new diet or a super intense workout regime.

I see this a lot with the stresses of the pandemic— at the beginning there was this idea that people were going to get in the best shape of their life. 30 day challenges, on-line bootcamps and free trials for a fast new body abounded.

Propelled by the social media drip of NEW body hype followed the predictable disappointment ride on the other side of our holographic body striving culture.

The illusive promise of attaining a body perpetually outside of our own is really the seduction of hoping to have a "different life"— an easy target in challenging times.

I think this approach is a hoax and quite frankly, cruel in its subconscious offering of mythological fitness to transcend the pain of a global pandemic.

Too often this "get a new body" cycle starts as digital drug inspiration, followed by contortion strategies—willing ourselves into ridiculously ambitious "NEW" schedules and unsustainable programs—only to have life happen... "get off track" and give it up. AGAIN.

Maybe some people did get in the best shape of their life but what I mostly hear is that a lot of people started quick programs but are now so exhausted and down they are not exercising at all.

When we are under prolonged stress we often want to catapault out of it by grasping on to something fast and promise filled or go to the other extreme and give up altogether— or a swing between the two...

Sound familiar? It is for a lot of people and it has to do with how tired and vulnerable we are right now. 

In times like these I don't think the body extremes are going to serve many of us.

The best shape of our lives can be really fun, it is also a TON of work. You need bandwidth for it and most of us don't have the physical emotional energy to wisely train super intense right now.

When we give up movement altogether, we often end up feeling like crap not only because our physical body stagnates, but also because of the build up of pent up emotions.

We need to move our bodies for so many reasons right now but it does not need to be this extreme or not at all. There is a better way to your body feeling good.

The truth is—the place of most power is where you already are.

It is change that is warmly and compassionately invited into the body and life you ALREADY HAVE that works.

And I know, your life might be pretty hard these days but there is no magic ticket to a better feeling body. You start where you are.

I want to offer that newness is something we invite into our day.. we do not have to reach for it but gently welcome it.

How does this work? Let go of the lofty and start showing up just a little bit more for the body you have... yes the one you are reading this in:)

Bring just a little more kindness and presence to the body you have right now.

Stop scrolling and feel yourself—Instagram bodies won't benefit from your attention but yours might.

Ask yourself— what could I do today to feel well?

What would energize, ground, centre or uplift me a little...

What would I enjoy? What do I need more of today?


Bring a little body goodness into your current day... not some imaginary day—perfectly scheduled with a clean house and cute workout clothes but your actual messy and complicated day.

So, from me to you— stop pushing yourself towards a "new" out there imaginary body.

NOURISH the one you HAVE and YOU will start to feel better. I promise.


With love and care,


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